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Online Shopping Cart

For Companies

We specialize in offering the lowest prices on office items such as copy paper, rolls, stationary supplies, toners, paper towels, toilet paper, office cleaning equipment, tea, coffee, cleaning equipment etc.


Companies will be furnished with a fully funded ePAY card to purchase selected items on the ePAY cart. Purchases are categorizes and presented in reports for analyses and budget comparisons.


Compare prices … select from the best vendors ….. controll expenditure …. Use ePAY’s free inventory management system to controll staff usage.



For Individuals

We assemble the most essential items that you need and provide funding on the ePAY card so that you can purchase these items at the lowest prices.


Enjoy free delivery to your office or home


You get one bill at the end of the month with a detailed analysis of expenditure.

Service 2

Loyalty Rewards Program

ePAY fuel card solution facilitates corporate and individual purchases.


Our powerful cost control and fleet management system is just what you need to manage your fleet of vehicles. Monitor fuel usage and vehicle performance through our extensive online management system thereby providing fuel savings to your company.


Use your individual ePAY card to buy fuel at any Total service station and save up to two dollars per litre. With your ePAY card, you will not need cash or a charge account to get fuel. Just spend during the month and we will deduct the amount used from your salary at the end of the pay period.

Service 2

Online food ordering and delivery

Want to make sure you can have your meal when you want and where you want?

Simply log onto and order from any of our participating restaurants and they will deliver your meal to your office or home. Likewise, use your ePAY card to purchase meals at any of our participating restaurants. In both cases, the amount that you spend on meals is deducted from your salary at the end of the pay period.

About Us

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ePAYment Group is a technology driven company that uses the phone, magnetic enabled cards and a suite of websites to facilitate transactions across a variety of mediums.

Our company offers solutions to both businesses and consumers alike through a variety of high quality products.

Here are some of features of our ePAY card:

  • Buy now and pay later through salary deduction
  • Purchase talk time directly from your phone. No need to rush to the store. Sit back and relax
  • Sell talk time from your phone to make some extra cash
  • Budget with your kids. Let them use an ePAY card at school. Track how much they spend
  • And many more. Contact us today for more details